Worthy Threads Style Series: Puff Sleeve Dress in Swimmers

April 11, 2019

Girl wearing Puff sleeve dress in swimmers print sitting in chair looking at camera.  Puff sleeve dress is featured in Easter Gift guide by Worthy Threads, unique toddler clothing brand.

Next up for the Style Series is our Puff Sleeve dress in Swimmers. This is perfect for a spring outing and of course Easter. The dress features ladies swimming in beautiful blue water. The dress has our signature vintage inspired features with puff sleeves and an empire waist. It evokes feelings of a sweeter time while the fun print is refreshingly modern. Take a look at the three outfits we put together for some style inspiration.


Easter Just Got a Little More Modern

Holidays are always a good excuse to show off your new favorite pieces. Our Puff Sleeve dress in Swimmers is the perfect one to wear when your looking to step up her Easter style a notch.

worthy threads easter outfit with blue puff sleeve dress for girls


 1. JUNiA - Fizz Yellow Sunglasses ($59) 2. Lali Sunshine Bow Clip ($16) 3. Worthy Threads Puff Sleeve Dress in Pale Blue ($55) 4. Crew Cuts x Gunner & Lux "Charmed"  Necklace ($34.50 plus 40% off) 5. Pottery Barn Kids White Quinn Collapsible Handle Easter Baskets ($32.99) 6. namoo Ballerina Flats in Yellow ($38) 7. TY White Sequin Unicorn ($14.99)

School Just Got Adorable

I love dressing my daughter up for school. A lot of people tell me their kids want to wear our dresses to school, but they don't let them because they are too nice. Let them wear them, we made everything machine washable for a reason! Our girls dresses are adored on the school playground and on special occasions. My daughter loves all the attention she gets in these very remarkable dresses.

School girl outfit wit a puff sleeve dress, denim jacket, pink backpack, sequin sneakers, water bottle, heart sunglasses and a pink beaded bracelet

1. Babiators - Sweetheart Sunglasses ($35) 2. GAIA "Cutie" Bracelet ($16) 3. Bonton Denim Jacket ($135) 4. Worthy Threads Puff Sleeve Dress in Pale Blue ($55) 5. Swell Water Bottle in Geode Rose (9oz, $25) 6. Herschel Heritage Youth Backpack in Pink Lady ($49.99) 7. Lola and the Boys Star Girl Glitter Sneakers in White ($68)


Rainy Days Just Got A Lot More Fun

Rainy days can make getting everyone out the door more difficult, but with an outfit like this your little one will be so excited to show off and play in the rain. Our unique kids clothing is as spontaneous, special and playful as your little ones. 

Rainy Day outfit with worthy threads blue puff sleeve dress, yellow raincoat, pink rain boots, an umbrella and a squeezimal

1. Worthy Threads Puff Sleeve Dress in Pale Blue ($55) 2. Zara Transparent Sequined Raincoat in Yellow ($35.90) 3. Squeezamal Narcissa the Narwal ($7.99) 4. Hunter Rain boots in Candy Floss ($80) 5. Totes Kids Umbrella in Dots ($22)


We hope you enjoyed this Style Series and that you learned of some new awesome brands! We can't wait to see how you style your little ones. Don't forget to #credyourthreads and show us your #tinystyleicon. 


Jessica and Lily

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