About Us

Lily and Jessica started their Baltimore business, Worthy Threads purely out of a love of fashion. After much searching, they didn't find the clothing styles that they loved and wanted for their children so they teamed up to form their own business with big dreams. While many people questioned their lack of knowledge in the fashion industry, Lily and Jessica were two Stay-At-Home Mom's turned Work-At-Home mom entrepreneurs. Since launching in 2017, the girls have had their pieces worn on the cover of Parents Magazine, were chosen as Best of Baltimore and worn by many celebrity children. Now it's your chance to be a #tinystyleicon.

Who are Jessica & Lily?



Business Bookworm, Creator of all things Imaginary, wife to Michael & mom of 1 daughter, 1 son & a fur baby. Olive (4 years) & Gus (1 year) & Simon (9 years)

Loves: Cooking, bubbly beverages, aerial yoga, depressing books & movies, my bed

Hates: Bananas, dill, raisins, anything violent, mock turtlenecks

Dream Job as a Child: a pediatrician 

Favorite Book: Firefly Lane 

Favorite Article of Clothing: Old t-shirts from high school, my bathrobe

Favorite Quote: "If the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, then only left handed people are in their right mind."

Pre-Kid Career: I spent my professional time on the media side of advertising working across many different clients like American Express & Papa Johns. My final position before taking time off to stay at home with my children was with a software provider for converged, addressable advertising across TV & digital video. I was responsible for managing our relationships with portals and one of our large advertising platforms. 



Sewing Savant, Creator of all things real, wife to Chris & mom of 2 daughters and 1 fur baby. Clara (4 years), Anna (3 years) & Hannah (5 years)

Loves: Drinking wine, cooking, drinking wine while cooking, ballet, travel and can often be found belting out 90's rap in her kitchen.

Hates: Self given nicknames, tomatoes and kitten heels.

Your perfect day? Something on a beach with a glass of rose. 

Favorite Movie: Romeo + Juliet (The Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes one)

Favorite Book: The World According to Garp

Favorite Article of Clothing: my ripped up black jeans

Pre-Kid Career: Prior to having children, I spent 10+ years as a mechanical engineer for marine defense contracting companies.  My final position before taking time off to raise my daughters was with Hi-Test Laboratories working for the Applied Technologies Division performing Finite Element Analysis, UNDEX testing and analysis, specializing in advanced composite materials.

But, like, what does that even mean? 

I built models of ships on the computer then used a program to simulate what would happen if there was an explosion.  Navy ships have to withstand a certain amount of shock without breaking.

Basically, she's really smart...