Worthy Moms: Joy Cho!

December 15, 2019

Pic of Worthy Mom Joy Cho

My first Instagram mom crush (even before launching Worthy Threads) was most definitely Joy Cho. She has got to be the craftiest person on the internet and she used to do the cutest little videos that made my day every time she released them. It's been amazing watching her business evolve from a one woman show to a full fledged media company bringing actual joy into everything she does.

Once we launched Worthy, I got in touch with Joy's team and sent her some pieces. When she posted her younger daughter Coco in our Beatnik Pinafore, we couldn't have been happier. A few months later, we got a request from Parents Magazine; Joy wanted Coco to wear our pieces on the cover!! A year later, I had the pleasure of meeting with Joy at her studio in LA and I couldn't have asked for a better, more honest meeting. Joy is a true gem and it's people like her who make the world a better place.

I am thrilled that Joy agreed to be our next Worthy Moms.


What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up? 

Oh…so many things…cheerleader, journalist, veterinarian, geneticist, martial arts stunt double, botanist!


As the #1 followed account on Pinterest (congratulations, that’s amazing!) and a huge Instagram following, how has social transformed your brand? Are there any new social platforms you are currently testing out?

Social media has completely allowed me to grow my brand in ways I would have never imagined. If it weren’t for social media, I would likely not have started my own business and would be a designer or art director at a company somewhere (which is still great and amazing). But having access to platforms that allow you to share your voice and vision with the world, has allowed me to grow Oh Joy! beyond the freelance graphic design business that it started as. We can reach people in so many ways both through the content we create, the products we make, and the general conversations we’re having. It’s truly changed so much of what I expected my career would be!


I absolutely loved your partnership with Target (especially the City crib sheet and your OK Vase - my daughters initials) and your Calpak Luggage (love Sunset). What are some of your personal favorite collaborations?

I love them all, but those two you mentioned are definitely two favorites as they allowed us to explore new categories and expand our Oh Joy! customer in new ways!


Any exciting collaborations coming up that you can speak about?

We can’t reveal too much YET. But we do have three kids books coming out next year with Scholastic that I am very excited about! They are based on qualities I think are important to instill in our kids like curiosity, kindness, and feelings.


You are an incredibly busy mother of 2, what do you do to keep yourself organized and sane?

I have to write everything down or I WILL forget! I have permanent Mom Brain. I use a combo of the Reminder app, Notes app, and Google Calendar.


Favorite Worthy Threads piece?

Pinafore or Ruffle Sleeve Dress!


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