Worthy Moms: Megan Harper

October 25, 2019

Pic of Worthy Mom Megan Harper

I am thrilled to announce our newest series called Worthy Moms. As an entrepreneur, mother and avid social media stalker, I have come into contact with some of the coolest and most talented women on the web and then I make them be friends with me. Luckily, some of them take me up on it. I thought what better way to celebrate these amazing women than to share them with you. 

These talented women run the gamut of awesome gigs and inspire me every day. I can't wait for you to meet them!

First batter up is the talented, funny, creative and beautiful mother of 3: Megan Harper. I sat down with Megan to hear about how she does it all with a smile and a sense of humor.

You currently have a number of awesome jobs, can you tell us about them? 
I just signed on as the Head of Marketing at Tinybeans and I run girlgonechildinnyc for fun. I am also a contributor at Parents Magazine, Hey Mama, and Gugu Guru.
As a busy mom to three awesome kids, what are some of your hacks for doing it all?
The third kid really threw us for a loop. Two working parents and three kids - being outnumbered is really wild. My husband and I sat down one night and came up with a survival plan when things got crazy. We split up house duties of things we excel at. I have no right to be in the kitchen (ever) and he can whip up a four-course meal in 30 minutes without batting an eye so he took over that nightly task. Meanwhile, I don't think the man has ever folded a shirt before in his life so I run point on laundry. We figured out what strengths we brought to the table and divided them. I stick to my strength and him to his. 
What are your must-have products for yourself? For the kids?
Favorite junk food?

Ranch Flavored Corn Nuts!!! I'm also a sucker for strangely flavored potato chips. 
Favorite NYC restaurant?
Balthazar - Classic French place in Soho and instantly makes you feel like you're in Paris. 
Also, I'm excited that Michael Toscano is reopening a place in the old Perla spot soon. He's my favorite Chef of all time. 
Proudest moment?
Currently: The day the big kids met Goldie. 
Future: When all three kids will be out of diapers.
Best gift you've ever received
My Artipoppe carrier from my team at Jetblack. 
Favorite gift you've ever given?
Duh, The Gift of Life. 
What would the name of your autobiography be?
"Your Grandma was a Bad Bitch" - and I'd write it in my 70s
If someone played you in a biopic about your life, who would it be?
Rachel McAdams
You come from a small town (right?), what's your favorite thing about being a New Yorker? What do you miss most about suburbia?
I'm from a two-stop light town in NC. They actually turn the stop lights off at 9 pm since nobody is out after that. I wouldn't even call where I'm from suburbia, it's the country. I love being in the city. I love being able to have any food in the world delivered to my door. I love Bodegas. I love that my kid can say 'Thank You' in four languages. However, I do wish I could just open the back door and let my kids run wild. 
What would your ideal day be like?
Traveling with my kids to a new country and learning about their culture and food. 
Are you a coffee or tea person?
Iced Coffee - Black like my soul. 
Favorite mom to follow on IG? 
Bethany Ciotola because she is ALMOST as funny as I am.  @Bethanyciotola
As you can see, Megan is the absolute best. Make sure to follow along with her hilarious adventures at @girlgonechildinnyc

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