Worthy Mom: Laura Hodges

July 04, 2024

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We are thrilled to introduce our next Worthy Mom, a shining star in the world of interior design, Laura Hodges. While she has definitely made her mark with stunning contemporary and modern spaces, Laura’s true passion lies in her deep love for nature and her unwavering commitment to sustainability. Each of her designs is a testament to her innovative thinking and dedication to creating environmentally friendly spaces.

Laura's career is a journey of blending beauty with responsibility. Her use of sustainable products and natural materials is inspired by her surroundings and her clients, ensuring each space she designs is unique and reflective of those who inhabit it. This personalized approach has garnered her numerous accolades, including being featured as one of Home & Design’s ‘Designers to Watch’ in 2018, named one of the top 20 Designers for 2020 by Sotheby’s Home, and winning a Luxe Red Award for best Contemporary/Modern space from Luxe Magazine. Most recently, she was honored as the 2023 Southern Living Idea House designer.

Laura is not just a decorator; she is a LEED AP and a GREEN AP, certifications that signify her rigorous training in sustainable design practices and her extensive knowledge in the field. Her commitment to sustainability is not just a professional choice but a personal passion that drives her every project.

Join us in exploring the mind of an interior decorator who's not just transforming spaces but doing so with an eco-conscious touch. Laura Hodges’ love for nature and sustainability is an adventure waiting to be shared, and we can't wait to uncover the beautiful, environmentally friendly world she's created for all of us to enjoy.

You were the designer for the 2023 Southern Living Idea House, congratulations! How long did you work on that project before it opened to the public?

Thank you! This was a true labor of love but it was such a beautiful project and I’m so proud of this home. It actually sold to a new family (fully furnished) who just moved in so I’m really happy that our designs will live on! We only had about three months to design the entire 6,000 sq ft home (and party barn) and then another few months to fully install everything... so it was a very quick turnaround!

Have you always loved interiors? 

Yes! I will say that my path to design was a bit circuitous and I didn’t realize that I would love being an interior designer as much as I do. I always loved art and architecture and was always rearranging my childhood bedroom. One of my earliest memories of loving interior design was loving the descriptions of the home in the book series Sweet Valley High! Their mom was an interior designer and I loved reading about their Spanish tiled floor.  


If you weren’t an interior designer, what would you be?

My Dad would say a lawyer but I actually love marketing and, if I hadn’t switched careers and gone back to school for design, that would likely have stayed my career path. 


Can you share some advice to anyone looking to break into the design space?

Definitely go to school (if you can) and intern for a design or architecture firm. This is such an experience-based industry and having real world knowledge is huge. 


How has social media affected your business? 

Social media has been wonderful for our design studio but it’s also a lot of work and requires constant attention. I love how interactive it can be and how it allows us direct access to our followers. 


What would your dream collaboration be?

I would love to design sustainable furniture and fabrics with a great brand, even one that isn’t currently in the eco-friendly space. There’s always room for developing a better product that’s well designed and good for the planet (and us) too. 

Would you ever want to come out with your own line? What would it be?

Yes, I have so many design ideas that developing custom collections feels like a natural next step for me. I just collaborated with Unique Kitchens & Baths to design a custom cabinetry collection and we have baskets and tableware with Kazi at our shop, Domain by Laura Hodges Studio. 

Most unique design element you have used for designing a difficult space?

Difficult spaces are often our favorite projects because they require us to be really creative! We had a little girls' bedroom with low, angled ceilings and we designed these lovely foot-to-foot beds to give them a unique and cozy space reminiscent of bunk beds. A window bench and secret cubbies in the beds made this room really special for them. 


Where do you pull inspiration from when designing for a project?

We start with our clients because they’re all so different and often have unique stories we love to discover. We love to find out what makes our clients happy and how they want to feel in their home. In terms of colors and textures, we look to textiles, artwork and their life experiences for references to a color palette and overall design aesthetic. 


Can you walk everyone through the process of designing a space? What steps do you take before coming up with a fully designed space?

We always start with a furniture plan so we know how the space will function, who will be using it and what size and style of furniture we'll need. From there, we start pulling together inspiration for the overall design aesthetic including colors, textures, artwork and the various furniture styles. The final touch is the styling where we combine our clients’ personal pieces with new, vintage and antique pieces for a curated feel. 


As a mom and a busy decorator, you are on the road a lot, what are your favorite snacks to keep on you for yourself and your boys?

I do try to be healthy (although that can be tricky on busy days!) so we do meal prep on Sundays and keep fresh and dried fruit, nuts, granola and protein bars ready for snacks. I also love hummus and pita chips for a quick snack as well as pistachios and walnuts, but I can’t walk past a box of chocolates with much success. 


Favorite mom hack to keep everyone organized and on schedule?

In the morning we have the boys get dressed, empty the dishwasher and pack their backpacks (lunch, water, etc) before breakfast that way they can relax while they eat and we’re not rushing as much. We also wake them up about 10 minutes before they really need to get up so it’s not a rush to get them downstairs. That extra 10 minutes allows them to move as slowly as they want to and still get downstairs in time (mostly!). 

Favorite phone app (besides social)?

I love Luminosity and Asana Rebel… both help me to keep my mind and body active and the tracking is very encouraging. 

Go to weeknight dinners?

We love cashew chicken, lamb gai, tofu stir fry, baked salmon, curried chicken and fish tacos (mahi mahi or salmon)

What is your favorite thing to do after a busy week?

I love shopping for vintage decor and furniture, going out to eat at a beautiful restaurant (yes, it has to look good too!) or booking a massage, but I also love to just relax at home with family and friends. 


Go-to baby gift?

I love giving books because kids will love them for such a long time We still have books from when the boys were really little and just last week our boys asked me to re-buy a book they loved from years ago (they didn’t realize I had donated it and I didn’t know they loved it so much!)


Are you team sweet or salty?

Sweet! (Really both because I love food, but if I had to choose then it would have to be sweet.)


Favorite book?

The Glass Castle is a forever favorite book… it just kind of stays with you and I always recommend it. 


What can’t you live without?

Chocolate, tea, sunshine, sleep, plants…. 


Favorite follow on IG? 

I love @sambentley - he posts about the good things happening on the planet and it’s very inspiring! 


Favorite Worthy Threads piece?

I love your dresses for little girls! Especially this beautiful fabric and design

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