Worthy Moms: Eva Amurri Martino

November 02, 2019

Pic of Worthy Mom Eva Amurri Martino

One of my very first and favorite Instagram people has got to be Eva! Not only does she have the most adorable kiddos, but she's amazingly sweet. Not only is she a talented actress, an awesome blogger, and entertainer extraordinaire, but she's one of the most genuine, kind and optimistic people out there. When I first reached out to her, she was so welcoming and supportive - I thought all bloggers were like her! (wrong.) I am so thankful and grateful for her realness in the Instagram filtered world. 

With two beautiful kids and one on the way, I sat down with Eva to hear how she juggles (and balances) motherhood, blogging and life in general. I just know you will love her as much as I do!

How did you get into blogging? 

​I needed a change from my acting career, which was making me feel really unfulfilled AND spread thin as a new Mom.  I decided to go back to the drawing board and really look at what I was interested in, and what brought me joy. When I looked at the list, it basically looked like the verticals of a Lifestyle Blog! I knew absolutely nothing about blogging and was NOT tech savvy when I started, but I put one foot in front of the other, spent a lot of time learning and asking questions, and vowed to stay true to why I started– and here I am four years later!


What's your favorite topic to post about? ​It's so hard for me to choose a fave, since I truly do love the all-encompassing lifestyle vibe.  I would say the ones that have been bringing me the most joy lately are the entertaining posts, the decor posts, and then the longer form personal essays I write about once every couple of weeks. 

As a busy mom, what are some of your hacks for doing it all? ​Staying organized is KEY. I really like the TimePage by Moleskin app for calendar, and we use various programs as a company for editorial organization and reminders.  I only hire Type A people like myself, or it would drive me crazy! I feel like if I know exactly what is coming up workwise, it frees me up to be the fun-loving, goofy Mom I love being with my kids.  It's all about compartmentalization. 

What are your must have products for yourself? For your kids?  ​I love Contigo Water bottles for my kids (they never leak), as well as good old fashioned color forms for keeping them occupied on trips and at restaurants. I have a zillion products I love for me. LOL! Since part of my job is discovering new great ones, I feel like I always have a new favorite thing.  Check out my "Eva's Obsessions" posts for the latest!

At times we inevitably feel like we're failing at something - any tips to get yourself back on track and not give in to the negativity? ​I feel that it's all about reframing success and failure.  Any woman will never have all of her plates spinning perfectly in the air.  One must fall. At least one! At the end of the day I take stock: Are my children happy and healthy? Do they know how loved they are? Have I been kind enough to myself today? Am I doing my best? If the answers to all of those are Yes, I consider it a big win. 

You are so open and honest with the community you built, do you ever regret sharing so much?  ​Being vulnerable on the internet comes with a huge risk, and sometimes I receive a lot of misplaced vitriol.  In those moments I absolutely wonder if it is all worth it, or whether I should continue. But those moments don't last forever, and when I re-center myself I remember that what matters is the intention behind the sharing, and not the reaction to it. 

Favorite junk food?  ​Fast Food.  I love a Big Mac!

Your kids seem like they have an amazing relationship, any tips on how you did that? I kind of feel like they're soul mates, to be honest. (in a platonic way, obviously). I have a couple of blog posts about the sibling relationship and some ways I keep it on course!

Best gift you've ever received? ​This is super cheesy, but my kids.  They're the gift that keeps on giving (and sometimes taking, but let's not focus on that. LOL)

Favorite gift you've ever given?  ​I gave my husband a Panerai watch on our wedding day, 

which was a HUGE purchase for me at the time, and one that still makes me smile. 

If someone played you in a biopic about your life, who would it be? ​hopefully I would play myself! But only the really old version, like in Titanic. LOL. 

Ideal day? ​Waking up and reading in bed for a while alone, then brunch with girlfriends, then meeting up with my kids for a day at the farm, followed by family dinner at a sushi restaurant.  

If you could share one piece of advice with your kids about growing up, what would it be? ​You have your whole life to be a grown up.  Try to enjoy the magic of being little as long as you can. 

I am so excited for Eva, Kyle, Marlowe and Major on the newest little Martino boy coming soon! Make sure to follow Eva and her adorable crew on her blog and on Instagram! I promise you they are all sunshine!

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