Worthy Moms: Stephanie Gottlieb

November 10, 2019 4 Comments

Pic of Worthy Mom Stephanie Gottlieb

If there is one mom who actually leaves sparkles and rainbows everywhere she goes, it's got to be Stephanie Gottlieb. As a beautiful and brilliant mother to her handsome little boy, Stephanie has made a name for herself as a major disruptor in the diamond industry. She parlayed her background in diamonds and knack for fashion into a booming brand that has exploded on Instagram.

Since launching, Stephanie has broadened her focus from bridal and fine jewelry to every day wear that's popping up all over the place. She has a booming brand and a heart of gold; I am honored that Stephanie took the time to chat with me about how she became the influencer she is today. 

I remember reading that you and your husband met in 5th grade and you went to college together - that’s so cute! You guys went to the University of Michigan, what did you study?

Yes! I studied Communications and Spanish.


What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

I had a vision of working in the magazine world- I thought it was SUPER glamorous!  All of my internships were on the ad sales side, at Niche Media, ELLE, and ELLE Décor.


I know you got into the jewelry industry through a family friend and then you got your diamond certificate from GIA, what’s the most applicable takeaway from these experiences?

I would say that work experience is invaluable and you can’t compare the knowledge you gain from being “in it” every day, playing with diamonds and jewelry every day, to the information you read in a book.


You are very open about the fact that you used Instagram to grow your business, that’s amazing. What do you think is the most important thing you did to grow on the platform?

I set out to be different, to share my perspective on jewelry and design.  And most importantly, I infused my feed with pieces of my personal life and aesthetic, which makes it more than just “another jewelry feed”.  People have responded most to these personal touches.


Currently my favorite piece I have that you designed is the Bolo Bar Bracelet, what's your favorite piece?

The Slider bangle is definitely my favorite—it’s the perfect twist on a classic style, and allows the wearer to customize in so many ways.  It can signify a special person, event, or mantra.


What’s the best way to clean jewelry? Good ole soap and water!


You just came out with a really great collaboration with Robyn Blair, an acrylic sprinkles jewelry box - I love it! Do you have any other collabs you can talk about?

We are launching a clothing capsule with Carolyn Rowan (an amazing cashmere designer) that will drop at Bandier exclusively on November 15! I can’t wait.  It has my rainbow flare paired with Carolyn’s classic silhouettes and incredible cashmere quality.


It seems like you have successfully made the leap from well known (and very talented) jewelry designer to influencer, how did you make the decision to do this?

It wasn’t so much a decision, as much as happenstance.  I love showing my clothing and accessories in my photos, because it lets the viewer know a little bit more about me and my personal style.  And that’s really what people are buying into when they start following, and become shoppers of SG! Brands started to see the potential to reach a captive audience, particularly in the Bridal space, and I think it’s amazing to see the results of a successful Insta partnership.


What are your must have products for yourself? What about for Jordan?

I personally love a good pair of high waisted denim (Moussy are my favorite), comfy but stylish sneakers (Golden Goose are my go-to), and a fabulous blazer.  Those are my wardrobe staples. For Jordan, I love buying him sets, because it makes it really easy to get him dressed in the morning. I have to say, there’s NOTHING cuter than a cardigan on a little boy.


Favorite candy?  Sour patch

Best gift you've ever received, besides Jordan (who is obviously #1)? 

Aside from jewelry, I love art.  Very much like jewelry, a piece of art is what sets your space apart from someone else’s.  It’s super personal to the owner, and my husband LOVES to work with his favorite artists to commission special pieces for our home.


Favorite gift you've ever given? 

I love gifting personalized stationary—I think it’s something that most people forget or overlook buying for themselves, and it’s always something you should have.  The art of a written thank-you note is always appreciated!


If someone played you in a biopic about your life, who would you want it to be?  Tough question—my husband LOVES Jennifer Lawrence, so let’s go with her.


What are your favorite places in NY for dinner?  Kappo Massa is my favorite restaurant in NYC!  Next would be Don Angies.


Your (current) favorite piece of clothing?  I’ve been living in my Moussy Jeans, from Cabana in Southampton.


What would your last meal be?  Pizza.


You’ve mentioned you love interior design, what are your go to stores/brands/sites?  I love RH Modern; I think they have a designer flare without the price to go custom.  For accessories, I love Current Home. Kelly Wearstler makes the most amazing statement pieces.  And my friend Hilary Matt has the best taste—I always ask her opinion on anything décor-related!


Favorite mom to follow on IG?  Rachel Zoe—because she’s a boy mom, who really needs a girl!  I can relate. I also find Sara Foster hilarious!


Favorite Worthy Threads piece?  The rainbow tie-dye sweatshirt, obviously!

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