2021 Back to School!!!

August 04, 2021

Worthy Threads back to school gift guide 2021

What an exciting time gearing up for Back to School in a few short weeks! While there are, of course, some major precautions that we and our schools will be taking I am thrilled to have both of my kids in person at school this fall. Below is what we are buying to prepare!

1. Worthy Threads STEM Pinafore ($65), 2. Worthy Threads Blue Sky Lounge Set (Raglan: $56, Joggers: $56), 3. Nike Jordan 1 Mid ($65), 4. Hatley Splash Jacket ($65), 5. Mead Trapper Keeper ($23)6. STATE Kane Backpack ($95), 7. Old Navy Variety 3-Pack Critter Face Masks ($9.50)8. ThermoFlask 16oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 2-pack ($19.99),  9. J.Crew Kids' Reversible Sherpa Puffer Jacket ($98), 1 0. Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags ($15), 11. Worthy Threads Oversized Tie Dye Denim Jacket (on pre-order $150), 12. Cheree Berry Paper Surprise Lunch Box Notes ($18)13. Top Trenz Rainbow Heart Knot Headband ($8)14. Top Trenz Mega Pop Fidgety Flower Spinner ($11), 15. Hunter Original Rain Boots ($85), 16. iScream Rainbow Tie Dye Popper Pencil Case ($20), 17. Rockets of Awesome Letterman Cardigan ($39.50), 18. LAPCOS 5-pack Kids Face Mask ($15) 19. Veja V-10 Velcro Sneakers ($95), 20. Eastpack Out of Office Outline Yellow Backpack ($68), 21. Planet Box Rover Lunchbox ($59.95)
Happy Gifting! XO

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