Worthy Reads: February

February 08, 2024

Worthy Reads: February

Everything I've been enjoying this month!
I bought these before a big meeting and felt great in them! I was concerned they would be too summery, but they are heavy enough to work in winter too. I think they look great with a light sweater and will look adorable with a cute tank too.  
farm rio green pants
I paired it with this coat and this Quince sweater in navy and I loved my outfit so much. 
english factory color blocked coat


I made this last week and loved it! The kids (not so much), but they still ate it. I was actually out of cumin so just skipped that and I added an extra can of chickpeas. It was a great chilly weeknight stew. Since I detest leftovers (a big personal flaw), I put the remaining curry in a Tupperware and froze it for a later date (or to throw out in a few months... 😬) Highly recommend this one!
coconut curry
This was is SO great! It's easy to make and even better to eat. This cake is super moist with a crackly sugary top and chock-full of strawberries, which get roasted and tender when baked. Don't skip on the honey whipped ricotta either, it's such a good topping (but is good enough to be eaten on it's own!) 🧑‍🍳😙🤌
strawberry ricotta cake with honey whipped ricotta
I am in a bit of a reading rut, but am about to start a new one today! In the meantime, I am listening to one of my favorite podcaster, Kate Kennedy, new NYT Bestselling book, One in a Millennial which is the greatest nostalgia book this elder millennial has ever listened to!
" With her trademark style and vulnerability, One In a Millennial is sharp, hilarious, and heartwarming all at once. She tackles AOL Instant Messenger, purity culture, American Girl Dolls, going out tops, Spice Girl feminism, her feelings about millennial motherhood, and more. Kate’s laugh-out-loud asides and keen observations will have you nodding your head and maybe even tearing up."
I recommend this one for any millennial looking for a walk down memory lane where you are reminded of some things you haven't thought of since those days.
one in a millennial
I hope your February is off to a great start and wish you nothing but the greatest month ahead! 
xo, Jessica

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