Worthy Reads: January

January 11, 2024

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Everything I've been enjoying this month!

I recently came to realization that I have absolutely nothing to wear, so while Lily & I prepare for our first trade show (!!!!), I am having a great time finding new pieces that are equal parts cute, stylish, comfortable and sophisticated. I have been able to find a bunch of things I like (isn't it so annoying when you are ready to spend and don't see anything you like?!) and quickly need to clean out my closet to make way for my favorite new pieces!

I am obsessed with this sweater! Whenever I wear it, I get tons of compliments. Most importantly it's GORGEOUS and not itchy. It's on sale and there are only a few sizes left, so if you like it - grab it before it's gone!

Boden Green Embellished Sweater


Who doesn't love a deal? I recently learned about Quince (am I living under a rock??) and bought 3 of their $50 cashmere and they are great! With over 10,000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews, it was a no brainer. I have heard everything they make is great (including their home stuff).

Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater



I made this one for dinner this week and it was SO GOOD. I added curly kale to and used canned stewed tomatoes for extra flavor and OMG I loved it. My little guy really liked it too and my picky eater thought it was "ok" which is a big compliment coming from her! Unfortunately for me, there were no leftovers. This is from NYTimes, but linking a different site in case you don't have a subscription!
I have a big sweet tooth and love to bake, which can sometimes be a problem for my self restraint! I made this one recently and really loved it. I don't typically crave zucchini bread, so I made this one on a whim and was very pleasantly surprised! The zucchini really made it super moist (I know many of us elder millennials cringe at that word, but it's the best one to describe it). The double chocolate really is what sold me!
double chocolate chip zucchini bread
I am in a bit of a reading rut, but have a few books in mind to try! In the meantime, I recently relistened to Liz Lange's The Just Enough Family podcast and it's so great. Liz and Ariel are wonderful storytellers and I wish it was longer!
" The Just Enough Family follows the meteoric rise and staggering fall of the Steinbergs, once one of America’s richest families, through the eyes of Liz Lange— successful fashion designer, captivating storyteller, and niece of the infamous corporate raider Saul Steinberg. Host Ariel Levy (The New Yorker, The Rules do Not Apply), Liz’s friend, gets an inside look at what happened to the once seemingly invincible clan. New money, old secrets, and the fine line between success and excess." It looks like the podcast is now behind a paywall, but, oh man it's right up my alley! You can at least listen to the first episode for free to see what I am talking about. 
the just enough family
I hope your 2024 is off to a magical start and wish you nothing but the best in the year ahead!
xo, Jessica

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