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January 04, 2024

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If there's one baker who's turned every vision into a cake of pure enchantment, it's the extraordinary Victoria Hart of Made in Heaven Cakes. Hailing from a lineage of baking greatness that spans three generations, Victoria has taken the legacy of her family's cake business to unimaginable heights with the power of social media.

As the cake maker of choice for celebrities, brands and influencers, her exquisite creations have garnered the kind of attention that makes her a genuine game-changer in the culinary world. She has even earned a spot on Oprah's coveted list of "Favorite Things," a recognition that has propelled her brand to new pinnacles of success.

In this interview, we dive into the inspiring journey of Victoria, tracing her path from the family kitchen to becoming a bona fide cake celebrity. Join us as we discover the secrets behind her delectable masterpieces, the role of social media in her meteoric rise, and how she's made special occasions even brighter and more special for countless individuals. Victoria Hart is not just a baker; she's a confectionery sensation that's truly changed the game.

Have you always loved baking?

Yes. I am a third generation baker, it’s in my blood. My grandfather had a bakery in Little Italy, my mom started Made in Heaven cakes 27 years ago. Her first cake was my communion cake at 7 years old. Gum paste was my play dough 

How did you learn to be a cake maker extraordinaire?

I was lucky enough to go to the Culinary Institute of America. Scored the best internship of all time with world renowned cake artist Colette peters. She’s the Don in the cake industry and working under her was an incredible experience.

Favorite cake you’ve made?

Making the Terez store into a cake I had a custom doll house built. The floor of the store was the cake and sugar Terez pieces lined the shelves and the racks just like it was when it opened. Very special to keep that memory in time. I made a glass bottom after the cake so she could keep that forever. 

terez store as a cake

Must have baking tools?

Offset spatula

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

Not a cake baker :) I wanted to be the furthest thing from it which is crazy. I guess I wanted to do something different than family before I knew any better. After learning the ropes, I knew it was my calling. 

You’ve amassed quite the roster of high profile NY clients, how has social media transformed your brand?

Exponentially. I don’t do any advertising so social media truly is my only platform to grow the business. I love connecting with other artists like you. Instagram is a great place to do that. 

You are one of Oprah’s favorite things! Can you tell us what that was like?  

Pinch me. One of the biggest accomplishments for me. So proud to say that and I shipped on Amazon nationwide … and I upped the ante and was on prime! It was intense but such a wonderful learning experience. Shipping with dry ice, perishable, fragile cargo is a rodeo! My mom and family really pitched in and I shipped out 1,000 cakes during the holidays. I’m a small shop so to me that’s pretty damn good :) hey girl hey 

Your brand seems like it would be a great one to do collabs with, have you or would you ever do a collaboration? Who would your dream collab be with?

Would love to. Making cakes is truly my passion and now I kinda work for fun. So this question is my favorite, this is my sweet spot right now. My cake goal list this year is Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama (always). Brands I love and would be a dream to work with are Christopher John Rogers and Oscar de la Renta. One is a rainbow masterpiece and one floral is perfection. 

Favorite dessert?

Cookie dough 

Favorite NYC restaurant?


You are an incredibly busy mother of 2, what do you do to keep yourself organized and sane?

Notes in my phone help me stay organized. I love to go to SLT and SoulCycle for good sweat. Weekly date nights with my hubby bring me back to life. And mom friends

What are your must have products for yourself? What about for your girls?

Coffee and good food. I don’t really use products. I guess a hit product in this house is leave in conditioner for our curls :) we have 3 diva style curl heads over here 

Ideal way to spend a weekend?

Hide and seek, lots of laughs with the kids. A night out with my husband, going to a farmers market and cooking a great lunch with friends. 

Favorite gift you've ever given?

Helping people. I am a big giver. I truly want to help. On a daily basis I cook for my family and send my cleaning lady, (Rosa,big ups) home with dinner for her family so she doesn’t have to cook after coming home from work. I think the time I saved her is more valuable than anything. Being a working mom I know how hard it is to cram in work and making dinner. 

Favorite follow on IG? 

Eva Chen duh. Love her mom and real nyc perspective 

Favorite Worthy Threads piece?

Mama tie dye sweatshirt and sweats. I live in it (as seen in picture above)

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