Worthy Reads - April Edition

April 07, 2022

Worthy Reads - April Edition

What we are buying, eating and reading this month!



We are getting ready for a double header of a holiday weekend with Passover and Easter both falling next weekend! We are busy meal planning here and I am excited to eat some delicious food!


charoset recipe

Probably my most favorite thing to eat over Passover is charoset on matzah with horseradish. Every year I think I should make it year round, but then it probably wouldn't be as delicious if I ate it daily. What's your favorite Passover dish?



garlic butter roasted carrots

Lily's go to Easter dish are these Roasted Carrots. Ridiculously easy, yet tender and SO incredibly delicious roasted carrots with garlic butter. Get the recipe here. What's your go to holiday dish?


This season is the first one in 2 years that I am OUT. OF. THE. HOUSE. and I am looking for clothes! These are the things I am eyeing/purchasing/wearing!

I have been watching this Isabel Marant Milly sweatshirt for a while now and when I saw this color combo, I couldn't not get it! I plan to wear it with my new Veronica Beard Sheridan Bell jeans and maybe this Hill House skirt too!

marant milly sweatshirt

We have been waiting for these dresses for quite some time and I am just so excited they are actually here. I know I will be wearing this one all Spring and Summer long with my favorite jacket in tow.


worthy threads navy and fuchsia maxi



I have been trying to be better about putting my phone down and picking up a physical book. You probably know that already if you follow #worthybookclub on Instagram. Feel free to read with me!



Let me start off by saying, this was my first Colleen Hoover book, but I have heard this one isn't like her others. This book was SUSPENSEFUL to say the very least! Verity is INSANE and crazy and I often found myself holding my breath during chapters! Super intense book, lots of shocking twists and turns. I can't recommend it enough! I give it an A-. 


The Silent Patient

the silent patient

Overall I really liked it. Twists were unexpected but also not really believable seemed crazy that that could have happened. But Alisha didn’t have any friends and no one trusted her and everyone made her think they were crazy. She had a really sad life. I was also left wondering what was Gabriel’s deal I don’t think he was innocent besides affair but i felt like he had more to him. Also, why was she so scared of Gabriel? Also, what was Max's deal?! B+

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